Film set with man laying on hospital bed.

Creative Content that gets beneath the surface

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Digital First Studio

Our in-house digital producing space allows us to experiment and create versatile, multi-platform marketing content. Working in synergy with our strategic campaigns, this helps to provide higher engagement and conversion rates for our clients.

Stings / Virals / In-site content / Live streaming / Motion graphics / Adverts / Dramas / Features

Malachai band within museum exhibit

A Prestigious History

Hide the Shark has a grounding in the creative arts working as writers / directors / practitioners for leading theatres and on BAFTA nominated TV shows. This provides us with access to some of the UK’s finest talent, and gives our still and motion imagery a human soul packed with punchy storytelling.

Girl in morph suit for Green Screen
Portrait of Daniel Day-Lewis Ben Eine letter W sculpture on a pink background.
Man controlling a camera. A screen shows an elderly ladies eyes.
Man holding a film camera, filming a lady with a hook on her head.

Seamless media and print content

Our film and photo specialists conceive and produce high impact audience experiences. We handle all stages of the process from pre to post production.

Bunch of punnets full of strawberries.
Man with a blank expression lying with his face on a desk.
Man with a blank expression lying with his face on a desk.
Man in theatre controlling a flying drone.