Brand Strategy & Market Positioning

Branding, rebranding and repositioning

Brand Development for Ambitious Organisations

Helping you put the back-story back into your business

Many successful organisations gradually expand their offering to meet client demand.

Over time this can cause a cat’s cradle of marketing messages that no longer align with their core objectives and a jumble of brand collateral that is not fit for purpose. To move forward effectively, we need to untie the knot and plan a new path.

In film speak, it’s creating the back-story – the starting point.

Once we have established your unique storyline, it will become the cornerstone of your marketing strategy, both internally and externally. You will be all set to face the challenges of your change programme, collateral roll out, and marketing strategy with confidence.

Brand Consulting

Defining your purpose, proposition and personality

Discovering the core story within your brand will help you to gain clarity, focus, direction, and, most importantly, connect with your audience.

We’ll help uncover your story so far, what you love most about your product or service, and where you want to take it in the future.

We examine your research, ask questions, listen, ask more questions. Soon a picture starts to form – about your business, your proposition, your values, your market, you.

Brand Strategy & Positioning Workshops

We understand that, when it comes to branding and strategy, many people in an organisation will have different ideas and opinions, so the reasons for rebranding need to be clear and understood by all the key players before the journey starts. Our tailored sessions will help:

  • Explore your backstory
  • Develop your character
  • Define your current market position
  • Identify your future goals
  • Action a competitive audit
  • Locate your point of difference
  • Refine or develop your proposition
  • Construct the plot, storyline, and strategy
  • Develop your dialogue
  • Prepare you for activation and collateral rollout
  • Select the correct marketing channels for your audience and prospects
Internal onboarding

Helping your organisation live the brand

Once the process is complete it’s important to make sure that everyone understands why change is happening and feels ownership of the new company direction.

An effective internal brand launch, for example, can be an excellent opportunity for senior leaders to set out the new vision in a positive and exciting manner. Follow up the goodwill with a set of introductory workshops to ensure that questions are answered and everyone is on-message and you’ll be all set for public lift off.

Using a number of techniques in our toolkit we work alongside you to help match your new brand positioning with your business’s ambitions.

  • Creative Roadmapping
  • Employee engagement
  • Brand Discovery Workshops
  • Branding Events
Creative troubleshooting Do these challenges sound familiar?

In a tight spot? Toby offers practical ad-hoc Creative Direction and Troubleshooting to get you up on your feet again. See our sister site for full details Haai

  • We know that we need a new website and we know we need to rebrand, but we need some help writing a brief before taking it out to tender.

  • We have commissioned an agency to rename us, but we’re now at a standstill as we don’t seem to be able to make a decision. We currently have twenty name options. How can we resolve this?

  • Our organisation is at a point where we need a rebrand, but we’re not quite sure what to tackle first and then how to prioritise everything else. How do we put a structure in place?

  • I’ve been tasked with heading up a new project in an area that I’ve not worked in before. I need to put out a public statement that is aligned with our company values, has the right tone of voice and could do with a bit of practice fielding tricky questions so that I don’t get caught out!

  • We’ve started a rebrand project in a rush so there’s no real process in place. At the moment it feels like we’re going round in circles and we’re not sure how to move it forward. Can you help us get moving again?

  • I recently joined a business that has been steered on a very traditional path, with organic growth and little marketing investment. Last year there was some money spent on marketing, but with no strategic plan in place, no KPI’s and very little sense of our audience. The CEO was disappointed with the result and is now showing resistance to further marketing investment. Any ideas on how to get him back on board?

  • I know that our service offers real potential for us to become the market leaders. Even though a rebrand might not be on the cards for 2-3 years, in order for my business plans to work it is essential that some kind of brand development and marketing presence work occurs now. Can you help?

Start your story... Define your character. Create your narrative. Attract your audience. Let's get started