Brand Strategy & Market Positioning

Defining your purpose,
proposition and personality

Having a clearly defined and ambitious brand that stands out can be pretty tricky when what you’re essentially dealing in is a giant game of snakes and ladders.

What makes it harder still is that nowadays all the players are more intelligent than ever. With social power and online reviews, the audience knows in real time where the snakes are, and know how to avoid them. A badly positioned brand is therefore in danger of becoming “the snake”, with clients spiralling down to the bottom of the board and searching for a new ladder.

As brand & marketing strategists we help businesses navigate this dangerous game and, through the adoption of newly-defined ambitions and identities, give them the tools to turn from “snake” to “ladder”.

re-branding & positioning

Somewhere out there is a party waiting for your business to arrive. It’s our job to locate it, put you in your glad rags, call the chauffeur and then get you past the doorman.

Through our brand discovery workshops we work together to uncover new ideas and concepts. We’ll help you ask the big questions – why are you repositioning and what you are hoping to achieve with it?

Our creative mind-set then puts in place a roadmap that will help to unlock your brand ambitions, bringing to the fore elements that will turn heads and get people talking through clean messaging, cutting edge digital design and razor sharp strategy.

Internal onboarding

We understand that, when it comes to branding and strategy, many people in an organisation will have different ideas and opinions so the reasons for re-branding need to be clear and understood before the journey starts. 

We always embrace this part of the process as it is usually where the hidden “knowledge” gems are to be found. With a bit of polishing up, these often help to create the glittering core of the brand. 

We also look to the research and ask what the qualitative and quantitative data is trying to tell us. This gives everyone the evidence needed to help underpin the larger strategic plan.

How we can help

Using a number of techniques in our toolkit we work alongside you to help match your brand positioning with your business’s ambitions.

  • Market analysis
  • Technology overview
  • User positioning
  • Employee engagement
  • Brand discovery workshops
  • Creative roadmapping
  • Branding events
  • Brand insights
  • Digital marketing
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