Digital Marketing Campaigns

Organic & paid promotions
that show off your brand
to the right people

It’s one thing creating an enticing brand, it’s another getting people to interact with it. Based on research and our own extensive knowledge we create digital marketing campaigns that give you measurable results.

We don’t just look for quick-wins. We look at the individual personas of your audience and deliver sophisticated campaigns using the appropriate channels for your brand.

Research & strategize

While research is imperative, it’s not conclusive.

Based on our experience we can recommend the right tactics to get your brand seen by the right people in a plan that allows for flexibility. You may have a company networking event coming up, for example, and need help selling tickets. In which case we may use a number of different tactics and channels: These range from targeted LinkedIn ads backed by a content marketing plan, and re-marketed Instagram ads, through to automated email marketing chains.

Our starting point is to be mindful of what you ultimately want to achieve, in order to create the best path to get there.

  • Keyword research & volumes
  • Budget allocation
  • Persona targeting
  • Re-marketing strategies

Implement & manage

Once we’ve crafted a flexible plan, we begin putting it to work.

We closely monitor the online behaviour around your campaign, constantly analysing the trends, patterns and KPIs and evolving your campaign as it’s unleashed on the world (or the suburbs of Bristol).

With every campaign we provide you with your very own Starship Enterprise – or, to put it another way, a digital dashboard which lets you understand the performance of your campaigns in real time and at a glance.

  • Google & Bing Ads
  • Display re-marketing
  • Social advertising
  • Cross-device advertising
  • LinkedIn Campaigns
  • Google Analytics
  • Tag Manager tracking
  • Digital dashboards

Report & refine

A sophisticated digital marketing campaign requires cultivated reporting that can be understood easily and clearly. We know that your investment matters and our monthly reporting provides you with the analysis needed in order to maximise opportunities as they present themselves in order to drive towards success.

  • Analytical reporting
  • Recommended opportunities

What we do

We sculpt our campaigns using channels and tools that push proven results. It’s about giving your brand the attention it deserves, not letting it gather dust in the corner.

  • Google Ads
  • Bing Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • Video SEO
  • Content marketing
  • Event promotion
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Google Analytic
  • Influencer marketing
Hear what our clients have to say...

We have a whole host of happy clients who would love to tell you about their experiences with us.

  • “ HtS has an extraordinary ability to grasp and articulate our organisation's personality and commercial offering. The team have a unique approach, recognising the importance of storytelling and emotion and translating this effectively into commercial returns. The design and messaging work they are doing with us will be fundamental to driving our global growth. ”
    Jimmy Lloyd  Director. Saragossa
  • “ Since the brand refresh we have more new business coming in than we can resource - a great problem to have! ”
    Gemma Comley Head of Marketing. Ghyston
  • “ We’re so lucky to have worked with Hide the Shark’s talented team. They shook us up and make us proud to work here. I’m so excited to see where this rebrand is going to take us in the future ”
    Ian Carlson MD. Old Mill
  • “ What you helped us achieve with the 'More than Medicine' campaign has been transformational for the charity. We use it in nine centres across the UK and will continue to use it more widely. This campaign is something that I will always be very proud of. ”
    Tracy Tait Brand and Marketing Director, Penny Brohn UK
  • “ Hide the Shark's branding concept developed for our classical season is fresh, creative, bold and enticing. In response to our brief, it is close to perfect, resulting in the hall's most successful classical season ever. ”
    Sarah Robertson - Colston Hall
    Sarah Robertson Communications and Special Projects Director. Colston Hall
  • “ HtS's talented team made our rebrand project such a positive experience. Delivering many elements within a tight deadline, they beautifully captured our essence and brought us to life with their unique storytelling style. The result is a bold, modern and engaging brand that sets us apart. ”
    Kim Barnard Group Marketing Manager. Old Mill
  • “ Hide the Shark were great to work with, responded well to a changing brief and came up with a really creative proposition and brand identity for our supporter programme. ”
    Soil Association
  • “ Hide the Shark have the ability to fully understand what is required and deliver what is becoming increasingly rare -the elusive ‘WOW’ factor. ”
    Jane Shergold Director. TTA Communications
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