Who is protecting our forests? If Not us Then Who

If Not Us Then Who is a US registered charity that supports a global awareness campaign highlighting the role indigenous and local peoples play in protecting our planet and exposing the devastation big business destroys homelands. The charity approached us to create creative tools to help the team locally and globally and support the growing global network of local and indigenous peoples through creative media.

Project Approach Growing an international movement

Working with the client, we developed a strong visual identity, a distinct brand, and a fully responsive, multi-lingual website that boosted exposure and increased film viewership.

We also produced print collateral to be used and distributed at significant climate talk events.

To roll out the campaign, we trained up the international team to ensure that everyone involved had a joint brand vision and a strong sense of shaping the emerging stories.

The result was a unified and distinct message that immediately caught the attention of commentators, politicians and the public worldwide.

UX / Digital Design And Development Cutting edge digital design meets a user friendly interface

With many of the charity’s team working in remote locations alongside local communities, the website needed a straightforward, easy-to-teach interface that belies the back-end complexity.

The website offers a YouTube-style visual experience, including curated playlists and pushing relevant articles in line with the user journey.

The development of a constantly evolving interactive global protest map allows the audience to gain information about key participants and places, explore current flash-points, and see in real-time the devastation to our forests that can result from global businesses running unchecked.

Brand Direction A grass roots philosophy

With such a message-led campaign, it was essential to let the indigenous communities’ stories, photos, and videos at the heart of the movement speak for themselves.
A stripped-back aesthetic allows the technology to push organic content to the fore and creates maximum legibility across continents and cultures.
As the campaign has developed and the complexity of the user needs has increased exponentially, we have been careful to ensure that the grassroots philosophy and visual style at the heart of the movement have remained intact.

Print Fast and cheap protest tools

We have designed our print collateral templates to be fast and cheap to produce so that protestors can use them at short notice.

They have become a simple but effective protest tool, seen at critical events in Time Square, the Keystone XL pipeline protests, and other major global events.

Outcome A global phenomenan

Mixing cutting-edge digital technology with more traditional, high-impact print collateral has helped the charity become an international phenomenon reaching every corner of the globe.

As the project continues to accelerate, we are analysing and reacting to audience participation by providing structured creative content to an ever-evolving digital landscape.

To find out more and support this great cause, please visit ifnotusthenwho.me

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