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Sharpening your brand’s

Whenever an audience interacts with a brand they make assumptions based upon what they’ve seen and heard. But with the world gradually turning into a digital 0 or 1, so too are opinions: People either “like” or “dislike” – and if they can’t make up their mind they search out reviews by strangers online to help inform them of their experiences.

The fact that consumers are seeking meaningful and honest relationships with their chosen brands means that creating a strong presence and standing out is a lot harder than years gone by – but it is also potentially a lot more rewarding.

We help established businesses who are looking to reinvent themselves, as well as the brands that are new to the market.

When we set to work on your brand we start by getting to grips with your current strategy and day to day running. This might involve consultations with staff, empirical research, branding workshops and other activities.

We then dive into the data in order to discover what the recent trends and patterns are telling us. This enables us to lay down a solid base from which to spring into the ideas process.

Brand voice

Building a consistent presence and personality that’s immediately recognisable to both your current and potentially new audience is key to creating a powerful brand. Central to that is your brand voice.

Take the Shark as an example. A triumph of streamlined design, with looks that match its ferocious personality, it is a great example of a cohesive brand.

The Bear, on the other hand, is often portrayed as a big cuddly fur ball that’s a great side-kick for a man-cub. In reality though, if you used a bear as a babysitter, your man-cub would be minced meat. The bear is therefore a confusing mis-match of brand voice and personality.

Getting the right level of emotion, professionalism or humour into your company’s communications helps you to build an honest and worthwhile relationship with your audience – one that they won’t get confused by.

Visual identity

David Bowie was never going to walk on-stage dressed as an accountant. But then, you wouldn’t expect the accountants at Old Mill to go to work dressed as Ziggy Stardust either.

When we start mapping your brand strategy it needs to be reflected in all aspects. There’s no benefit from talking about yourselves one way and then acting completely differently as it won’t look authentic – and, in today’s world, authenticity has to be at the heart of your brand.

When we create your brand’s visual identity our team of designers and marketers work alongside you and our own data-driven research to present you with a carefully underpinned brand ID that will get your audiences attention.

Brand guidelines

Brands guidelines aren’t just rules, they also hold key information on how a brand looks, feels and speaks.

Guidelines help to unite all marketing materials, acting as a platform from which to construct a robust and far reaching business strategy upon.

With our versatile, easy to digest guidelines you will be all ready to build for the future.

How we can help with your branding

Our team of strategists, marketers and designers are here to make your brand bigger and better.

  • Art direction
  • Naming
  • Brand architecture
  • Brand voice & personality
  • Visual identity
  • Guidelines
  • Research
  • Strategy
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