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Acclaimed renewable energy software company Bitbloom needed a revised proposition and brand refresh to celebrate its market position and clarify its Sift product range.   Sift is an intelligent, easy-to-understand cloud-based software platform providing medium and long-term analytics for measuring wind and solar farm performance and health that automates and disseminates analytics through a web interface.  

Our Role
Brand Consultancy
Brand Architecture
Product Naming
Visual ID Creation
Core Messaging
Tone Of Voice
Brand Book

Our primary Bitbloom logo referenced wind and sun-rays with a five-pronged mark.

A series of bright but playful Sift Product Marks reference the sophisticated nature of the software by exploring data exploration and manipulation themes.

BRAND RELEASE: CONTENT & COPYWRITING Unified Creative Content for maximum effectiveness

The visual identity part of our brand development work concentrated on ensuring that the versatile brand worked in various formats from digital to print.

We're very happy with the new brand design and it's had some good reactions internally - we're excited to release it into the world. Michael Tinning. Co-founder. Bitbloom.
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