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Re-brand, web design and development and introduction of the Creative Pioneer social campaign in order to attract a new generation of practitioners from around the globe. Bristol Old Vic Theatre School has a worldwide reputation for producing great actors of the stage and screen, including Oscar winners such as Daniel Day-Lewis and Olivia Colman. The School approached us to rebrand, create a new website, breathe new life into the print and digital content, and create a global brand story that reflects their prestigious reputation, in order to attract a more diverse range of students.

Our Role
User positioning
Strategic roadmapping
Employee engagement
Art Direction
Brand architecture
Brand voice
Visual identity
Creative Direction
Content Production
Art Direction
Web Design
Web Development
Project Approach Letting the creative take centre stage

We kick-started the project by immersing ourselves in the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School experience. From watching show output and documenting classes, through to interactive interviews and meetings with students, teaching staff and senior management, we built up a clear picture of the student experience and how the new user journey could more accurately reflect this.

Resetting the school’s 70-year history with a new agenda, we created a stylish brand marque combined with an eye-catching but restricted colour palette of blue and pink to allow the show creative to take centre stage.

With full brand guidelines in place, everything from the show creative to brochures and alumni campaigns now has a consistent and powerful visual narrative.

UX / UI, Web Design and Development A school to support you through your creative life

Due to the School’s highly creative output, we focused on a visuals-first approach, while always mindful of the need to present a wide range of offerings in a user-friendly way.

We settled on a clear, informative user journey that pushes relevant information as you proceed through the site. Bespoke graduating pages give each student a springboard into work, reinforcing the philosophy that the School is there to support you for life.

Print Design A Unified Output

BOVTS produces a wide range of print collateral, much of which requires complex photomontage / digital design work. Mixing bespoke photography with stock imagery, our post-production experts create an eye-catching range of collateral that enhances the themes of the productions.

Brand Direction The Creative Pioneer Proposition

Basing our thinking around the journey to become an artist of tomorrow, we created the ‘Creative Pioneer’ proposition, which underpinned the thinking behind the digital and printed collateral as well as the bespoke website, and informed the direction and deployment of the creative campaign.

A series of photoshoots and videos emphasising the personal journeys of students and staff were used to create a dynamic, ‘fly on the wall’-style brand film for social channels, to help increase application numbers.

The response from the students has been incredible:
“that’s sick” being the general reaction!
Frances Macadam Producer, BOVTS
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