Colston Hall classical season, brochure design. Statue of Liberty.

Colston Hall

Reinventing the Classic

The Challenge

Colston Hall is Bristol's largest concert hall with a UK wide reputation for presenting major names in all genres. They approached us to create a new visual identity for their classical season. One that would attract a younger audience but, crucially, would not alienate their current loyal and older audiences.

The Solution

Our response was to create a bold, impactful pop-art inspired visual style that would instil nostalgia in their core audience whilst encouraging exploration from a new, younger, crowd.


Visual Design
Creative Direction

Colston Hall Classical Artwork
Colston Hall classical season, programme design artwork. Colston Hall Classical Season brochure design
Colston Hall classical season, brochure design.
Colston Hall classical season, rocket billboard advert.
Colston Hall classical season, responsive web design.
Colston Hall front Hide the Shark design adverts.
Sarah Robertson - Colston Hall Sarah Robertson Communications and Special Projects Director “We are thrilled with the new concept Hide the Shark have developed for our classical season. It’s fresh, creative, bold and enticing. As a response to our brief it is close to perfect, resulting in the most successful classical season ever for the hall. Classical is one of the hardest elements of our programme to get right, and they made it look easy.” Colston Hall logo