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Named after the industrious Bristol Giant, Ghyston blends established practices with cutting-edge technologies to deliver high-quality bespoke software projects for ambitious companies. This highly acclaimed software company needed a revised proposition, brand refresh, website and messaging to simplify the complexity and reveal their playful side.

Our Role
Brand Consultancy
Brand ID Development
Product Visualisation
Website UI Design
General Design
Brand Definition and Creation A proposition that celebrates brainpower, strength and support

A series of Brand Workshops and Interviews resulted in a far-reaching proposition that directly references the brand story whilst celebrating the companies premium expertise and mighty software delivery with a confident, playful twist:

“Ghyston. The giant minds of software.”

A brand refresh followed with the introduction of our “Giant” icon. The three graphic elements represent a mighty brain, technical strength and strong support. For full flexibility, the Giant can be playfully de-constructed to reference different services or skillsets within the team.

Brand Release: Web Design Web Design that articulates Ghyston's approach

The persona work we’d already actioned informed the design and flow of Ghyston’s customer user journeys. Key considerations were around clarity of service around consultancy, development and support, and the introduction of Ghyston’s giant minds – the friendly faces behind the code.

Once we’d established the design, Ghyston developed the site.

BRAND RELEASE: CONTENT & COPYWRITING Unified Creative Content for maximum effectiveness

We worked alongside the Ghyston team to structure and sharpen the creative content during the Brand Release phase.

Tasks included image curation, art direction, copywriting, graphic design and digital campaign development and collateral production.

Outcome A united team

Ghyston’s internal culture enthusiastically received the Brand refresh, and the revised messaging, visuals, and website helped the company achieve their yearly sales target within three months of the web launch.

We now enjoy a fully integrated working partnership with Ghyston providing ongoing Strategic Marketing Direction, Campaign Creation and ongoing Design to help ensure Ghyston’s success keeps taking giant leaps.

I want to say a big thank you for the big impact Hide the Shark is having on Ghyston marketing. You’re doing a wonderful job of creating clarity and steering us in the right direction. Helen Cassley. Head of Business Growth. Ghyston
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