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Penny Brohn is a vital Bristol based charity that offers free integrative support to people with cancer and their families. The charity approached us to help articulate its core message properly and create a corresponding campaign in order to raise awareness and kick start their journey to becoming recognised as one of Bristol’s key institutions alongside Aardman, St Peter’s Hospice and Aerospace.

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Project Approach More than medicine

Following workshops with key stakeholders, and from our own broader research, we recognised that to promote the free services on offer and appeal to the widest possible demographic, the campaign needed to articulate itself not only through digital and print marketing, but also through traditional word of mouth via the professionals (oncologists, doctors, nurses) that potential clients would meet. It was therefore vital that the core message could be adopted into everyday life.

Amplifying Penny Brohn’s core proposition, we created the ambitious ‘More than medicine’ brand messaging which also formed the spine of the brand awareness campaign. The long-term project follows three distinct phases designed to adapt and grow in ambition as the project gathers pace.

Campaign Direction Passion as the driving force

Hospital rooms can be dehumanising places, so we wanted to focus on how Penny Brohn can really help – providing everyday tools to allow strength of mind to have a little point of calm within the chaos. – the moment in a day where someone is so lost in an activity that they forget their troubles, if only for a second or two.

Evolving from our core proposition is an awareness campaign which presents a positive and uplifting message about how Penny Brohn can empower and support people to keep doing the things they love for as long and as well as they can, with cancer.

Using real-life case studies as inspiration, we settled on a series of gentle vignettes that worked on a sliding scale of ability depending on the nature of the illness – a small bike ride, baking a cake, a spot of car mechanics, giving the grandchildren a hug.

You have managed to sum up what we do in 6 words. It works so well as a strap-line. I love it. Thank you. Francesca Barnes Chair of Trustees, Penny Brohn UK
Creative Direction Bringing the wider circle into the visual mix

In order to put Penny Brohn in the heart of the Bristol community we settled on an unvarnished authentic look and aimed to use real locations to match.

A series of photoshoots and videos emphasise the personal stories and formed the visual base for the digital and printed collateral.

As the campaign progresses we will bring the wider family circle into the visual mix wherever possible, to include their stories within the main narrative and show how the charity can support anyone affected directly or indirectly by cancer.

Digital Design Drip feeding the campaign

We created a wide range of twitter and instagram friendly collateral that can be drip fed through the campaign, adding to the story map at regular intervals.


Following the launch of the campaign in 2018, Penny Brohn reached more people than ever before, with a 14% increase in new clients and 21% increase in clients attending community outreach programmes.

The “Because I need more than medicine” campaign has provided a platform to amplify the voice of people living with cancer and aims to see increased engagement in the growing movement that supports the need for better integrated support for people with cancer and crucially, recognise Penny Brohn UK as the go-to organisation for Living Well services for people with cancer.

Following a pilot scheme in key out of home locations, phase 2 will feature a more extensive roll out that will embed the campaign into key Bristol events, pushing the eye catching narratives to a wider Bristol and eventually national audience.

If you would like to support Penny Brohn’s amazing work, please visit Penny Brohn UK

The 40th Anniversary Brand Beyond Medicine

As a continuation of the “More than Medicine” campaign and our ongoing relationship with Penny Brohn, we created the 40 Year Anniversary Campaign marque, a versatile motif which celebrates past successes and looks forward to even greater achievements in the future.

The cancer ribbon is subtly alluded to in the shape of the “4” and the Bristol Whole Life Approach, which incorporates the Mind, Body, Spirit and Emotions is reflected in the layering of the numerals – the four elements make up the whole.

What you helped us achieve with the "Because I need more than medicine" campaign has been transformational for the charity – for the first time ever we can describe what we do in six words. We now use it with our partner GenesisCare in nine centres across the UK and we will continue to take it out more widely into the world. This campaign is something that I will always be very proud of. Tracy Tait Brand and Marketing Director, Penny Brohn UK
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