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Named after an unusual but highly effective chess move, Saragossa helps people achieve their objectives, whether building a world-class team, delivering exceptional projects, or accelerating professional ambitions. This rapidly accelerating organisation needed us to help create a core proposition, define their brand architecture, sharpen up their visual ID, and design and develop a new website. This has resulted in an ongoing Creative and Strategic partnership.

Brand Definition and Creation Using Chess to bring Saragossa’s Brand Story to life

A series of Brand Workshops and Interviews resulted in a far-reaching proposition that acts as a call to action for potential candidates and demonstrates how Saragossa’s resource supply will help their clients grow;

“Saragossa. Connecting great people. Your global growth partner.”

Following refinement of the original identity, we developed a product suite with accompanying messaging tailored to each of Saragossa’s target markets.

Brand Release: Web Design and Development Web Design that reinforces Saragossa's people first approach

Extensive UX / UI workshops with the Saragossa team ensured a consistent user journey that directly informed the design.

The website builds on the brand themes of staff investment, brilliant customer care, and the provision of the most effective human resource at each project touchpoint.

A combination of our design, copywriting, and content curation skills result in an effective, streamlined site.

BRAND RELEASE: CONTENT & COPYWRITING Unified Creative Content for maximum effectiveness

We worked alongside the Saragossa team to structure and sharpen the creative content. Tasks included image curation and art direction, copywriting, staff photography and graphic design.

Outcome Helping Saragossa build their global growth

Saragossa’s staff and clients have enthusiastically received the brand refresh, resulting in an instant uplift in confidence and the number of pitches won.

We now enjoy a fully integrated working partnership providing ongoing Strategic Marketing, Creative Direction and Design to help ensure that Saragossa achieves its business goals.

The Brand Book is amazing. I get chills looking at it. It makes me so happy. Rebecca Cawley-Hassall. Operations and Finance Director. Saragossa.
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