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Creating the perfect blend of
design and marketing

Web design & development

Only once we’ve fully understood your brand story do we then begin transferring it to the web. Our team starts by exploring a range of different ideas that could inject that double-shot of caffeine into your brand.

We might think that an animated navigation menu might show off your brands attention to detail or that getting professional headshots of your team might bring out your personality (we’re professional photographers too). There are endless possibilities to explore, but each idea is always rooted in what works best for your brand.

Mixing branding and SEO

It’s not all about the look and feel. Your site needs to work for both your audience and Google as these are the two most important users.

Often with web design a site is built for either brand prestige, or SEO clout. In other words, a website is either visually slick but doesn’t rank well, or it is highly visible in Google but unimaginative in design.

Our web design process pulls in ideas from both our web designers and digital marketers from the beginning to ensure that you have a unique site that is loved by Google, your audience and even your boss.

What we build

Our team of designers, developers and marketers can help to create your next online masterpiece.

  • WordPress
  • E-commerce
  • CMS Integration
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • UX / UI
  • Animation
  • Interactive content
Hear what our clients have to say...

We have a whole host of happy clients who would love to tell you about their experiences with us.

  • “ HtS has an extraordinary ability to grasp and articulate our organisation's personality and commercial offering. The team have a unique approach, recognising the importance of storytelling and emotion and translating this effectively into commercial returns. The design and messaging work they are doing with us will be fundamental to driving our global growth. ”
    Jimmy Lloyd  Director. Saragossa
  • “ Since the brand refresh we have more new business coming in than we can resource - a great problem to have! ”
    Gemma Comley Head of Marketing. Ghyston
  • “ We’re so lucky to have worked with Hide the Shark’s talented team. They shook us up and make us proud to work here. I’m so excited to see where this rebrand is going to take us in the future ”
    Ian Carlson MD. Old Mill
  • “ What you helped us achieve with the 'More than Medicine' campaign has been transformational for the charity. We use it in nine centres across the UK and will continue to use it more widely. This campaign is something that I will always be very proud of. ”
    Tracy Tait Brand and Marketing Director, Penny Brohn UK
  • “ Hide the Shark's branding concept developed for our classical season is fresh, creative, bold and enticing. In response to our brief, it is close to perfect, resulting in the hall's most successful classical season ever. ”
    Sarah Robertson - Colston Hall
    Sarah Robertson Communications and Special Projects Director. Colston Hall
  • “ HtS's talented team made our rebrand project such a positive experience. Delivering many elements within a tight deadline, they beautifully captured our essence and brought us to life with their unique storytelling style. The result is a bold, modern and engaging brand that sets us apart. ”
    Kim Barnard Group Marketing Manager. Old Mill
  • “ Hide the Shark were great to work with, responded well to a changing brief and came up with a really creative proposition and brand identity for our supporter programme. ”
    Soil Association
  • “ Hide the Shark have the ability to fully understand what is required and deliver what is becoming increasingly rare -the elusive ‘WOW’ factor. ”
    Jane Shergold Director. TTA Communications
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